BOSAGORA joins growing BSC Network issuing its own BEP-20 native token

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3 min readMar 30, 2021

Crypto-Masters Global is always proud to help promote quality and highlight certain projects that attempt to revolutionize our way of interacting with the financial world and that allow a significant improvement in the world and the current crypto context, while bringing both cutting-edge technologies but also easy-to-learn solutions for all users. The addition of the BOSAGORA project within the Crypto-Masters Global ecosystem is a new step forward to discover a new world and an ecosystem in its own right, emerging and solid, leaving room for the voice of investors and users through its innovative consensus system.

Launched in 2017, the BOSAGORA project has always been transparent about its intentions and its development choices, for example with the white paper, updated in 2019 to clarify its basic concepts and the various improvements made over time. In a few years, BOSAGORA has become a key player with its open membership-based Congress, including node operators to develop the ecosystem through a fully decentralized democratic consensus process.

However, although initially issued on the Ethereum blockchain, the latter has shown its limits in recent months with network saturation and transaction fees increasing dramatically. These drawbacks were also the driving force behind the migration of many investors to the Binance Smart Chain, launched at the end of 2020 and which has seen its number of users and transactions explode.

These important changes within the crypto sphere were a necessary motivation to choose to add this solution to the Bosagora community, by offering both the native BOA ERC20 token, but also a new BEP-20 token more suited to Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. Through these systems, as well as a series of other mechanisms, BOSAGORA is the first blockchain of smart contracts powered by the collective intelligence of its users , opening new horizons of possibilities to enlarge and improve the entire ecosystem.

BEP20 BOA Token details

BOSAGORA has finally issued a completely new BEP-20 based BOA of Binance Smart Chain with an original supply emission of 400,000. In order not to change the total amount of BOA issuance with the new BEP20 network , 400,000 ERC-20 BOA have also been locked and frozen at the same time. This mechanism is tied to the demand on BSC and might trigger further BEP-20 tokens emission in the near future. These 400,000 tokens will be used to fuel the new liquidity pool on PancakeSwap to provide investors the possibility to have new usecases and interests in using the currency, including a wider ecosystem specialized in DeFi and allowing yield farming. These tokens can also be exchanged for other BSC tokens or stablecoins as well. As officially stated by the team:

“BOSAGORA initiates exchanges with the BSC ecosystem through the issuance of a new BOA based on BEP20. This means that the services available to the holders of the two ecosystems will increase, and the areas where they can cooperate and create synergies are broadened.”

Adding BOA vision to Binance Smart Chain is the first step toward an increased usability and an easy access to many services and products launched within BSC ecosystem. Over time, the possibility for BSC token holders to be introduced into the BOSAGORA ecosystem such as T-Fi greatly increases , bringing a strong interoperability to expand BOSAGORA brand and services across the globe while keeping the original Ethereum ecosystem in sight.

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