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The year 2020 was a turning point in the history of cryptocurrencies. At the end of the year, Bitcoin has reached all-time highs surpassing the symbolic $ 23,000 mark, following a year full of innovation in this growing market. Between the arrival of deflationary models with projects like BOMB or even decentralized finance with the Yearn.Finance project, the crypto scene has been marked by many novelties highlighting all the advantages of decentralized financial products and tools but also their flaws as we have seen with the various successful attacks within the market.
By nature, the vast majority of digital currencies are inflationary in part due to the constant issuance of new coins into the market. This factor has become more and more important with the democratization of staking or the various farming solutions which have greatly increased daily currency issuances. This natural inflation can therefore arise as a long-term problem if the economic dimension of this factor is not taken seriously enough to attract new investors in order to maintain a stable price to cash in on sales of profits. Although feasible in this market where demand is increasingly strong, the integration of deflationary systems has greatly limited the impact of the issue while adding an important point of control to monitor and anticipate the consequences of the daily emission. Today, we are delighted to present the new project joining our large network, Rigel which combines the two elements, DeFi and Deflationary in order to offer investors both the best possible financial products and returns but also a long-term economic balance for Rigel currency.

What is Rigel

The Rigel project is an Automated Market-Making Decentralized Exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain and thus benefiting from the latter’s specifications to offer DeFi products to the crypto community. Launched in 2020, Rigel is currently in the pre-sale phase and offers the possibility to acquire Rigel tokens at very attractive and ridiculous prices before its official market launch. This phase takes place in two distinct stages for a total of 4000 RIGEL put up for sale:

- First phase : 1 RIGEL set at 70 $ in ETH (Total allocation : 1800 RIGEL)

- Second phase : 1 RIGEL set at 90 $ in ETH (Total allocation : 2200 RIGEL)

Payments must be made directly in Ethereum at the sale address 0xece4eb176820bee7382ff756a318a224dd123411, with a minimum of 0.1 ETH and must not be issued directly from an exchange to avoid the risk of losing all funds purchased. The tokens are automatically sent by a smart contract once payment has been made.

RIGEL’ products

RIGEL offers a wide range of products and financial tools to benefit from long-term passive income through different modules or services (The farming/staking services will be officially launched 24h after the end of presale) :

The RigelSwap exchange allows investors to easily swap ERC20 tokens between themselves via liquidity pools while providing strong added value for traders: trading fees. For each trade carried out, an amount of 0.3% is deducted and thus redistributed to the community as follows:

- 0.25% redistributed among liquidity providers

- 0.05% allocated especially for holders of xRigel. The operation of this system is closely linked to the OrionNebula solution and staking, which thus collects the fees and then redistributes them within the xRigel pool. It is important to note that these tokens are automatically exchanged for Rigels before they are returned to holders as compensation for their active participation. In this way, OrionNebula solution allows to stake Rigel and receive xRigel in return. Once the rewards contract is called, the different LP tokens are thus sold for Rigel via RigelSwap and redistributed proportionally to xRigel holders in the pool.

Rigel Liquidity Pools allows users to add and provide different tokens to earn trading fees. When an investor provides a liquidity pair including the Rigel currency, he receives a corresponding amount in RigelSwap Liquidity tokens. Although the standard pair is RIGEL/ETH, anyone can choose to add a new non-existing pair by providing enough liquidity in both tokens.

RigelFinance Farms comprise a large number of crypto assets including stablecoins. Both liquidity pools and RigelFarm solutions are closely related as it is mandatory to provide liquidity on a specific pair before being able to farm it. With up to 18 pairs to provide liquidity on, Rigel Farmers can enjoy various incentives for using multiples pools :

- 15% of Rigel by block allocated to RIGEL-ETH liquidity providers

- 5 of Rigel by block allocated to the other 17 pairs (The complete list of assets to be implemented can be checked at

By using Rigel farming, investors can benefit from being early adopters with a special bonus 4X greater than normal rewards (4 times the normal Rigel by block reward).

Finally, the Rigel’s wallet is a complete all-in-one solution allowing to send, receive, and store simply any ERC20 tokens including the native Rigel currency. By supporting various connection types including wallet connect directly from RigelWallet, investors are now able to interact easily with the platform to use all the services. This wallet, available on Android and still under development for iOS will also be a great addition for many projects wishing to list their project at low costs ( 50$ equivalent in Rigel tokens).

In order to submit a listing application, projects wishing to do so must fill some requirements and send the request to

- Provide Erc-20 token address;

- 100 Token holders as the minimum and 500 transfers. Airdrop doesn’t count as genuine holders for these criteria.

- Website and social media of the project;

  • Listing fee of 50$ in Rigel.

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