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5 min readOct 7, 2020


Today we are delighted to announce our latest partnership, namely the collaboration with the BitDeFi project, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency sector and more specifically that of decentralized finance. In short, BitDeFi project is a decentralized loan system specially designed to greatly optimize the investors profits compared to what they could get in real lending system via traditional banking or other competitors in this field. With its recent launch to the limelight, BitDefi is currently in the process of launching its own funding through the community and the well-known initial coin offering method, or more simply ICO. We will share more information about the ICO later in the article. As a reminder, an ICO is a fundraising method operating through the issuance of digital assets exchangeable for cryptocurrencies during the start-up phase of a project. This method was widely used in the past years and remain a first-choice solution to fund the launch of a project.

Introduction to the project and BitDeFi token

As we stated above , BitDeFi is a decentralized loan system created and optimized to empowers the community and the clients by providing an ecosystem with many benefits for both borrowers and lenders. By focusing its efforts on profits optimization for the different parts , BitDeFi aims to become one of the leading decentralized lending ecosystem across the world. Furthermore , the principle of this solution is quite simple : Thanks to blockchain technology , BitDeFi is the bridge , acting as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders featuring many functions such as standard loan management or even with leverage to borrow more than the set mortgage. Finally , this solution is also a greatly added-value to the existing competitors. By using blockchain technology , users and future investors can easily create accounts in a few click without long procedures to verify the identity , having great liquidity within the ecosystem to be able to perform several actions. With the high-level of security implemented by the team, the solution is fully secure and safe for all the community.

The native BitDeFi currency is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is used to repay the loan, the mortgage for the loan and acts as the main currency for all financial activities within this important ecosystem including loan management , mortgage and more.


Ticker : BDF

Smart contract : 0xEff8848D5fb300156dd27E1312785bB3B5C24562

Decimals : 8

Funding via the ICO

The community funding via an ICO, although rarer in 2020, remains a primary choice to fund efficiently the launch of a project and a strong vision.

The BitDeFi ICO is starting in a few hours , don’t miss the opportunity to join this amazing project early in order to be part of the future of DeFi lending.

The ICO will last 5 days starting from October 7,2020 at 8 :00 (UTC+8) and comprises a total of 7000 BDF on sale set at the price of 1 ETH = 20 BDF with a softcap of 50 ETH and a hardcap set at 300 ETH maximum. Investors will be able to buy tokens directly from the official website under the ICO sale tab.

After collecting the funds from the ICO , the team will use these funds for several uses to kickstart the ecosystem with its related needs such as the following:

  • 24% for Interconnection Dev
  • 20% for Marketing and General
  • 15% for the mobile ad platform
  • 22% for the ad platform integration
  • 19% for operational overhead

How to participate in the ICO

In order to join the BitDeFi ICO, investors only need to complete several easy steps. Even non-technical individuals can have the chance to join the growing BDF ecosystem as an early investor to get all the benefits and be part of a big community.

To be able to acquire BDF, investors must :

  1. Set Gwei at 80 and Gas at 120,000 on their own wallet. This will ensure transactions don’t fail or stay pending for a long time.

2. Send ETH to the official BDF smart contract at the address : 0xEff8848D5fb300156dd27E1312785bB3B5C24562

Finally, as the BDF token is still quite new on the market , depending on the wallet used and time of acquisition , investors could have the need to add it manually to see the tokens. To do so , it’s mandatory to add it as a custom token by using the token address 0xEff8848D5fb300156dd27E1312785bB3B5C24562.

Upcoming listings

In order to be able to afford the necessary liquidity for the project , the team has already planned several listings including the known platform Uniswap , currently in the top ranked liquidity platforms , and the CEX Probit where the listing has been officially paid. Further announcements regarding other exchanges will be made by the team itself.

These listings will occur on a specific date already set in advance :

October 15,2020 : Deposit available on Probit at 15:00 KST

October 16, 2020 : Uniswap Listing and Trading open on Probit at 15:00 KST

Uniswap will be the first exchange officially listing and launching trading at same time on October 15 , providing enough liquidity to help bringing awareness toward the project.

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