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DeFi solutions, as they evolve, offer more decentralized high-yield financial services to benefit the crypto community as a whole. Unfortunately, the decentralized aspect of this type of ecosystem can also become an obstacle or even a problem in some cases with the many scammers who try to skillfully copy the source codes or the names of certain projects. Thanks to our presence in this technological world since 2017 and with the experience thus acquired, we at Crypto Masters work hard every day to find and support quality projects that highlight accessibility for all while being an added value for different investors. In this process of adding new quality partnerships for a prosperous future, we are delighted to introduce our newcomer to our ever growing network, YFDOT project.

Introduction to YFDOT

The YFDOT project was launched very recently in September 2020 with a simple objective : to become the essential DeFi platform, offering secure services, accessible to all and offering the best return and the best benefits for the investors taking part in it. Yearn Finance Dot platform is designed and thought to be powerful enough from a scalability, interoperability, developability and governance perspective to bring a value-added for the DeFi field across the world and for the whole community of crypto investors.

YFDOT is an innovative all-in-one platform for financial activities in the crypto sphere. In that way , the team has designed several products , with the first three being released in the next weeks and months : Staking , Farming and Barter. The two others , namely the borrowing and mortgages systems are set to be officially released in early 2021. However , this roadmap can be subject to change depending on the advancement of the products development. The gains and returns that will be offered on the YFDOT platform for staking and farming will be established according to the lock-up period defined by 3 levels: 30, 60 or 90 days offering the possibility for everyone to participate taking into account financial possibilities or desires of each.

Presale and YFDOT Tokenomics

The project , although still developing some features , has been working tirelessly to prepare the future products launch after the presale ended. The presale was divided into 3 periods with different prices set :

  • 1st period from september 22 for 5 days with 2500 YFDOT on sale at the rate of 1 ETH = 7 YFDOT
  • 2nd period from september 27 during 3 days with 2500 YFDOT on sale at the rate of 1 ETH = 6 YFDOT
  • The third and last presale period was launched on september 30 and concluded just before the end of the official timer , hitting the set hardcap of 1250 ETH and triggering the associated team token burn ( more details below). This sale also comprised 2500 YFDOT at the rate of 1 ETH = 5 YFDOT for the investors.

The YFDOT currency is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain with an extremely scarce supply , making it a primary choice for financial services :

  • Name : Yearn Finance DOT
  • Ticker : YFDOT
  • Official contract : 0x2e6539edc3b76f1E21B71d214527FAbA875F70F3
  • Decimal (adding custom token) : 18
  • Original total supply before first burn : 25,000 YFDOT
  • Total supply : 18,843.75 YFDOT

As we stated above , the sale hardcap was fully reached and the team procedeed to send 6,156.25 YFDOT to the burn address , leaving the new total supply at 18,843.75 YFDOT. During the same period , the Yearn Finance dot team ensured the lock-up of tokens for either 12 or 18 months to prepare for the different listings and the future of the project.

The amount of tokens sent to the burn adress corresponds to :

  • 50% of team allocation for a total of 1,250 YFDOT
  • 50% of tokens for development for a total of 4,375 YFDOT

Including the first part of the future tokens burn with a 5% burn from total supply. Without detailing the different calculations , the 5% counted for 531.25 which were added to the allocations detailed above. The others burn events will occur quarterly according to the set roadmap.

Saturday October 10, a small step for man, one giant leap for Yearn Finance DOT

In exactly three days , YFDOT will be added on its first exchanges since the presale ended. The team has already confirmed 4 of them including some top CEX/DEX liquidity providers, allowing the whole community to support the project efficiently.

The list of platforms that will list YFDOT from next Saturday is as follows:

  • Uniswap listing time 5:45AM UTC
  • HOTBIT listing time 6:00AM UTC
  • CATEX listing time 10:00 AM UTC.
  • Cointiger listing time 6:00PM UTC.

Uniswap will be opened few minutes before the second exchange in order to provide the liquidity and accompany the first steps of the project into the crypto market. Yearn Finance DOT also submitted the information that it is currently under review to be audited by a reputed and well-known external third-party entity : Slowmist. The audit is currently still ongoing and results will be shared by the team once fully finalized by the audit partner.

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