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3 min readSep 22, 2020

In the modern technological world, and more specifically that of crypto-currencies, offering a variety of possibilities for the purchase and exchange of crypto-currencies has become a major added value to stand out from the ever-growing competition while maintaining a constantly growing and reliable community to bring volume. We at Crypto Masters are delighted to announce the addition of a new project among our promising partners with the integration of Decoin project, a reliable and responsive cryptocurrency exchange offering a multitude of solutions to help investors and traders making the right choices and actions in a few clicks and with a high level of security.

Decoin in a few words

Decoin is a project and a crypto-exchange that officially saw the light of day in 2017 with the main objective of providing the community with a simple, secure and accessible trading tool for everyone, from novice users to most advanced trading while having the goal to promote the community at all costs. Led by an experienced team of fintech experts, financial professionals, and experienced traders, Decoin’s team knows exactly what investors are looking for in their day-to-day operations and is now allowing to trade over 30 crypto assets via BTC and UDST pairs, providing plenty of solutions for traders.

To accomplish the vision of being a community-driven project, the Decoin team has developed its own cryptocurrency exchange offering many advantages both for holders of the currency DTEP, a currency powered by an independent blockchain using a PoS consensus algorithm, but also for the most active traders on the platform. The accessibility so desired by the team is even more important with the payment engine and more specifically the purchase of crypto currencies already integrated on the site with credit cards. With more than 12 international currencies and crypto-currencies available, users can very easily buy the currency of their choice and this regardless of their locations across the world (from 30$ to 6000$ per transaction).

Decoin exchange’s features

First, traders can benefit from discounts on trading fees by owning DTEPs on the exchange platform. The discount in trading fees can vary from 0.15% to 0.075% and can be even lower depending on different cases. In addition, the POS consensus established for the DTEP blockchain offers to holders the possibility of enjoying staking for a total annual interest of 6.2% with the payment of rewards on a daily basis.

Finally, in order to bring more users to the community, each active supporter of the project can be rewarded with up to 70% with the referral bonus. Depending on the number of DTEPs held, this program is more or less advantageous or profitable based on two distinct levels. If a user holds less than 5000 DTEP, the referral bonus is set at 35% and, at the opposite, 70% for 5000 DTEP and above holders. The referral bonuses are delivered directly in the exchange wallets and paid in the currency that the referred user used to trade.

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