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3 min readSep 20, 2020


With the proliferation of online digital currency exchange possibilities, it has become rather difficult to be able to follow in real time the evolution of the markets and the multitude of cryptocurrencies already existing on the market. Today we are delighted to announce the integration of a very promising new project into our large community: DEXTools. Between centralized and decentralized exchanges, users of the crypto sphere can choose a certain type according to their preferences, while knowing that a decentralized exchange generally has very distinct functions without necessarily a clear design and ergonomics. It is with this in mind that DEXTools can become an essential leader in the implementation of clear and accessible tools for much greater trading comfort.

DEXtools in a nutshell

DEXTools is an innovative project offering an array of trading tools to simplify the experience of users within cryptocurrency in establishing and preparing their trading strategies. Accessible from a computer, a mobile phone or even a tablet, DEXtools allows to secure and save data efficiently while having the possibility of accessing it again at any time to benefit from real-time data flow for the best possible trading experience. In addition, real-time notifications provide the ability for DEXTools users to stay informed at all times regarding major changes in the Uniswap and IDEX markets. Finally, despite the accessibility of the product and some features free of charge, several subscription packs can be purchased in order to unlock even more features and have the best possible tools for quality trading and investments.

DEXTools team has also launched its own native currency , the ERC20 token DEXT to support the entire ecosystem and to bring benefits to the community and holders. Powered by blockchain, The DEXT token is necessary to be able to subscribe to the official application. DEXTools is offering three different pack, priced in ETH,in the native currency DEXT or just by being a holder :

  • The first pack, considered as the free version requires the user to have the necessary tokens in an ERC20 wallet during login as the whole operation is processed through metamask. With this first entry pack, users have access to Uniswap pair explorer and pool explorers with delayed charts and minor features removed)
  • The second pack, set at 0,3 ETH for the subscription , offers a greater set of tools than the previous one , including real-time data and chart , uniswap basic tools , the whole set of IDEX features and a 50% discount to holders with a minimum balance of 5000 DEX apart from the payment.
  • The last offer, and the most interesting one requires to hold at least 100,000 DEXT in an ERC20 wallet and guarantees the full accessibility to all the features available on the platform. The list of features for this premium includes limit orders and bots, airdrops from partners and sponsors, real-time data with a well-designed dashboard and an exclusive access to the upcoming DEX private group still under preparation.

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