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At a time when Bitcoin is caught in a significant fluctuation in a downtrend, it is important to find solid anchors in order to be able to benefit as much as possible from passive income through cryptocurrencies. In a previous article, we introduced one of the partners of Crypto Masters Global, the R3FI project, which has since rebranded as Recharge Finance and is part of this list of projects which in these troubled times offer effective means to generate income with methods such as staking, providing the community with quality rewards over time. By being deployed both on the Ethereum chain but also on the Binance Smart Chain, R3FI makes sure to target all communities and investors who could be potentially interested in developing long-term income through the various solutions offered by the project team. Offering a multitude of solutions to easily generate income for token holders, R3FI takes a step forward over its competition and emphasizes a currency with high utility and rewarding its users over the long term.

Bridging chains for interoperability

With severe congestion on the Ethereum network during peak activity, it became impossible to perform any operation on the network. Between the extremely long transaction times as well as the exorbitant fees, the Ethereum network has been the topic of discussion for a long time in order to be able to make a smooth transition to a new medium. After the decision, the well-known Binance Smart Chain network was chosen to serve as the starting point for a second token, easier to access both technically and financially with much lower fees. Despite this second launch, two R3FI tokens coexist on the market. However, it is best that all users choose the version on the Binance chain in order to get all the benefits associated with the best costs.

By using, R3FI investors can easily swap between chains and use the tokens on multiple services. Like almost any operation that occurs within the R3FI ecosystem, a 5% tax will be collected on the total amount and will be shared between holders, bringing an additional utility to hold more R3FI tokens. The only exception around the tax system is set with the third token, pR3FI, a pegged token tradable on centralized exchanges not subject to this tax during utilization ( however still taxed when swapping in or out of pR3FI) that will not bring reflection rewards either.

How to buy

As stated above, R3FI tokens are available on both chains, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The process to buy is quite similar to whatever the platform is chosen, either with Uniswap or PancakeSwap, and requires users to modify the « slippage » amount to take into account the tax system.

1 — Use Metamask or Trust Wallet ( Binance smart chain can be imported into Metamask to bring an easier means of access. Investors willing to buy some R3FI tokens will also need either some ETH or BNB depending on the platform used for purchases

2- Add the token or directly go to the links below for the direct links to the R3FI tokens on both platforms :

On Uniswap ( Ethereum Chain):

On PancakeSwap ( Binance Chain):

3- A warning message might be displayed once reaching the main platform page, informing that the token is not officially listed and could require a manual validation to import it.

4- Once basic information has been verified, investors must log their wallets using the specific « Connect to a wallet « button in the top right corner.

5- Mandatory change: R3FI features a 5% tax model redistributed to R3FI holders. The slippage amount has to be modified in order to be able to make a purchase or a sale of the R3FI tokens. 5% is the strict minimum but in most cases, 6% will do the trick for a smooth operation/transaction. It is also important to note that in some cases, entering a round number might be needed to avoid any issues using the AMM platforms.

6 — Once slippage, amount, and the different details have been set via the connected wallet, anyone can purchase R3FI tokens simply. More details about the purchase method and the FAQ can be found at

R3FI staking, a revenue system incentivizing liquidity provisions

As stated above in the introduction, the native reward system is automatically triggered during a network transaction and returns 5% to token holders based on the amounts owed by each investor. The staking solution added by the R3FI team is an additional utility that greatly increases the rewards for those wishing to hold for the long term and is divided into several levels depending on the duration:

- Without minimum time: Basic reward with a multiplier of 1

- 7 days: Reward multiplier of 1.1

- 30 days: Reward multiplier of 1.4

- 90 days: Reward multiplier of 2

By offering several modalities for staking, R3FI offers a large number of possibilities for investors to take full advantage of the benefits of their investments.

Finally, the reactor, although still in development to add new features and improvements, already allows the exchange of Binance R3FIs for RCOREs and vice versa. This feature is a one-sided R3FI staking smart contract that is used to power the rewards for other areas within the ecosystem. The R3FI team is currently working on a solution to offer more rewards through staking, the reactor, and all the features added to the ecosystem.

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